Issues with laptop headsets using Beatbuddy Manager software

Not sure what is happening but on both my HP-PC and my MacPro when I play my “songs” on Beatbuddy Manager I can never get it to go through my headsets. I can play my BB songs through the laptop speakers but when I plug in my headset into either computer everything goes quiet. Yet if I play anything else it comes through the headset. I was wondering if there is some type of output switch on BBM?

No output switch on BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) or pedal.

Probably best to message

Thanks. That is confirming what I found so far. I found the issue with the PC (PC related) still working on the Mac.

Please let Us know what you do to get your BBM working with your Mac headphones.

Will do…

On a Mac, in the Sound control panel, headphones and built in speakers have always been separate choices. I can’t say on Catalina and Big Sur, but for sure up through Mohave. Likely, if your laptop speakers are putting out sound, you will need to select headphones in the Control Panel.

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My Mac laptop automatically switches to headphones when they are plugged in, and automatically switches to internal speakers when headphones are removed. I’m using Catalina on my laptop, but it looks the same on Big Sur on my Mac Mini.

What Mac OS are you using?

I am one level less than Big Sur 11.3.1. My computer wants to update, but it hasn’t yet due to issues.

Sounds right. It almost is that way for me.

Well… Not sure why this is all happening, but here are different sound scenarios with BBM on my MAC-pro:

  1. Plug in headset, bring up BBM, works fine through headset.
  2. Unplug headset, while BBM is still up, works fine through speakers.
  3. Plug headset back in while BBM is still up, continues working though speakers and not headset.

There were times I was plugging in my headset while BBM was up and I would hit play on BBM and nothing would happen as though it froze. Turn if off, plug in the headset, open BBM back up, and headsets are working.

Take from this little testing effort what you may. I would be happy to try other scenarios if it helps

Thanks I will check into that. I am new to a Apple computer. My whole life has been on a PC so every little bit of advice helps.

Thanks for providing some more detail. This is helpful. I tested your process using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and headphones on both Mojave and Catalina and I cannot replicate your symptoms. However, based on what you are saying, here’s what I would try.

  • Open System Preferences > Sound > Output
  • Quit BBM
  • With no headphones plugged in, you should see this
  • Catalina audio
  • Plug headphones in, and you should see this
  • Catalina
  • Disconnect headphones
  • Launch BBM while continuing to watch Sound > Output
  • Connect headphones; does it change the Output setting?

If not, here are two links that may or not help you; the Kill CoreAudio may be the most helpful

Can’t guarantee that this will solve your issue but it should bring you closer to figuring it out.

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