Issues with Midi Sync & Morningstar MC8

Hi, I use a Morningstar MC8 as my pedalboard midi controller, and in the past I know I was able to tap tempo my entire system including the Aeros. However after some time away (new baby) I came back to the pedal to do some jamming and the midi sync just stays “off”. All the other midi commands work as they should, but I can’t get the tap tempo into the Aeros. I’ve tried 2x2 and 6x6 both with quantized set to on.

I’m sure I’m just missing something simple, but I haven’t been able to find what that is through searches so I figured I’d post the question here. Any ideas as to what I need to change or look into?

I’m running firmware 4.3.1

FWIW the midi self test is failing when I run a cable from in → out and run the test, but as I said all other midi functionality is working…any assistance is appreciated!

Hey there,

You likely are not doing the MIDI test correctly, if the Aeros is receiving MIDI commands it is working fine.

I do wonder if your experience would improve with the latest beta version 5.0.3

Other users have had similar issues with 3rd party equipment, but 5.0.x has changed a lot about interfacing with other products in general, I wonder if these changes will be positive on your end.

As of now, all similar reports have been solvable by changing some setting on the device. You may want to wait a bit for another MC user to comment or take the question to the MC forum and let us know what you find out!

Thanks for reporting!

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Thanks for the response. I’ll take your advice and try the 5.0.3 beta, and throw the question on the MC8 forum. (I’ll follow up with results when time allows).

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Small update here:

First thing I found was the Aeros was failing the midi test due to the channel setup.

Second is after the update to 5.0.3 it will recognize the clock if connected directly to the Morningstar MC8, but won’t if it is last in my midi chain - which is where it’s always been. Seems like a pedal isn’t passing that info through? Which is odd because all other messages are being recognized by the Aeros, and the clock is making it to the pedal right before it in the midi chain (source audio collider).

I’ll do some more digging to see if I can find a true root cause, but may just end up moving it in the midi chain of my board to get the functionality back.

That makes sense haha

What is in your MIDI chain?

Currently Morningstar MC8 > Strymon Sunset > GFI Synesthesia > Strymon Iridium > Strymon Volante > Source Audio Collider. With the MC8 controlling some others in parallel (CB Mood & Merris Hedra).

I previously had the Aeros last in that chain. As I said it wasn’t responding to the tap tempo from my Morningstar MC8. I moved it from end of midi chain to first in midi chain (between MC8 and Sunset) and it is working as expected. I haven’t gone through the process of moving it one pedal at a time to see where the behavior changed due to tight wiring on the board and a 9 month old taking up my free time haha.