Jazz Les Mcann music

can any one help me or idea t

ry to find a slow beat for some of les mcann his style

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I think you should search in the Jazz beats, and change the tempo to the song, since you don’t mention any song it’s more difficult to steer you in the right direction. The songs playing on youtube use more of the swirling brushes type, the are not in the standard BB, you’ll need the additional brushes set. Or make your own.

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Nice Bass, btw.

Try out our song matcher or look up some famous tunes on the forum, many may be user generated already!

if i can give an example LES Mcann and eddie harris from the album SECOND MOVEMENT
THE SONG … SET US FREE i know a drummer and synth would l have a synth and bass can change to fender rodes.piano must hear song see what everyone thinks

Best I can come up with, for standard BB is the Blues 2 tempo 115 bpm and change the drumset to brushes

https://youtu.be/C-4n89djdiY this beat i need help in

There are several parts in this piece, for the main part, I would suggest the blues 2 the second transition tempo 117 bpm jazz drumset (it’s a little more subtle than the standard). Just go through the song that are in the BB and put all the parts you need together in one song. I must say for me it is very difficult to hear what the drums are doing in this type of video’s, so my suggestions might be way off. Hope it helps you

its a beginning thanks



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thank you sir

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