Just ordered the beatbuddy!

Ok as someone who has played in variety bands and then took a detour over the years working as a solo/duo player, I have officially ordered the pedal. It will be here Sat. For the last three days I have gone deep with the Beatbuddy Manager on my computer. I’ve just completed my first song list to play out when I’m comfortable with this unit. Before this I was using custom midi backing tracks with a Roland sound module that played just drums,Bass, and a bit of Keys off my laptop. after a couple years of that I went to a machine called “Merish 3” all in one. Been using that for a year or so. Now I want to just have me, the Beatbuddy and maybe a partner to go out and play with nothing else. So far I am really impressed with the ability of this pedal. I’ve got more to learn and it will only get better. Thanks to this forum and all the vids out there, My decision was easy for going this route.
Frank B^)