Keeping it simple.....

I think it is great that people are pushing the limits of the Beat Buddy. However I feel the simplicity of this pedal might get lost on those reading through the forum while considering a purchase.

I am running XP so the manager software is unavailable to me. I just used the pedal as-is out of the box at our band practice. I figured out ahead of time what beats worked with our songs. I also practiced for the last week to get comfortable pedaling fills and transitions. Our drummer didn’t show up so I patched the beat buddy into an open channel on our mixing board, turned it up in the monitors and it worked perfectly for our needs. The sound was great and everyone liked working with it. I only had a few fumbles on the pedal but chalk that up to the learning curve. It gave us appropriate, interesting and completely realistic drum beats to play against.

I did make one small change. I disabled the intro fills. I just started the beat, we counted off 4 and away we went.

Keep it simple! It is a powerful tool!

I fully support your motto, and I can also help you overcome your difficulties with Windows XP (64 bit only!).
Here is a leak of my unofficial version that comes without an installer thus compatible with Windows XP that I absolutely love and prefer to newer versions! (Uploading this to piratebay would probably be much more appropriate!)

NOTE: The software requires installed version of Microsoft Visual 2012 C++ Redistributable Pack. It is included in the archive (vc_redist*.exe).

why 64 bit only?

And…my version is 32 bit. Yeah, I know, time to get out of the dark ages…

Because I’ve downloaded 64-bit version of Qt for Windows :frowning:

By the way, I also have a 32-bit Windows XP virtual machine, and I am indeed unable to use my version there. It was really inconvenient, but I was too lazy to build a version for 32-bit, sorry.
Tomorrow I’ll be finalizing the source code for the original BBManager developers, so I could try to get a 32-bit version in between.


Curious without the computer how did you disable the intro’s.

Mine arrived in the post today and early thoughts are that some of the songs we do are guitar intro only and if the drum intro can be avoided this would be of great benefit to us,


Push the ‘drum set’ and ‘tempo buttons’ at the same time to enter a settings menu. Scroll down and select ‘Main Pedal’. Scroll down and select ‘Intro Fill’. Then you can enable/disable there.

It will disable/enable for the whole library. It is not selective per song.

I discovered this in the stickie that was posted explaining the latest firmware upgrade.

You will need to update the firmware first.

The quick start guide that comes with the BB explains how to get to the settings section.

I received mine just before Christmas and it had the latest firmware already installed. If he got his recently I would assume it also got the latest update?

Ahh in that case, probably not then :slight_smile:

Intro’s now disabled,



I also still use XP 32 bit. I think I’m going to wait with buying a Beat Buddy until there’s software available that works for me.

I have a 32-bit WinXP virtual machine readily available for me atm, so I can compile you a version without an installer that will work for you (like it works for everyone else) in like 30 minutes. Are you buying your BeatBuddy yet? :slight_smile:

I’d like a copy when you have chance. Thanks.

Yes I will buy BB if I can use it with XP… All my other music software and my control surface work with XP. Plus a whole lot of other applications. I really don’t want to upgrade just for one program. So yes, I’d love to have a copy, thanks

Let me know if this works for You -
This is an official version 1.3.3 unpacked. I’ve tested this runs on my WinXP 32-bit virtual machine.

Thank you so much,I really appreciate it.I’m downloading it right now. but I won’t be able to test it until later. I’ll post when I get it to work.