Kit load speed

Put this in the general discussion section as a reply but thought it might be more appropriate in the tech support section.
I have 2 after market cards that take around a minute to load a fairly complex kit (Rock-Bass-Piano and Organ). Just bought a backup BB unit and transferred all data to the supplied card, which loads around 5 seconds for the same kit. All cards seem to be class 4 (I am assuming the 4 inside the C means Class 4) and are all 4 Gb. Any reason why the same types of cards have different load speeds?

Possibly due to either the quality, size or age of the aftermarket cards. Are these aftermarket cards 4Gb SDHC CL 4 or larger (32Gb)?

Cards will probably begin to slow down as they age and as more read and write operations have been performed on the cards. Sometimes it can help to reformat the slower cards but generally I just replace the cards with 32Gb SDHC CL 10 cards.

Thanks for the quick reply. Formatting and re-synching took the load time from 60 secs to 30 secs, a definite improvement but still nothing like the factory supplied card, must just be poor quality as you suggested (they were very cheap). Just ordered a couple of class 10 cards from Ebay, I’ll see how they go.

Also be aware of counterfeit/fake memory cards that look like the real deal, but may not perform like the real thing, usually very slow and sometimes may not have the capacity they are sold as. Prices of counterfeit may be much cheaper than the real deal. Amazon and eBay is know to have sellers that sell counterfeit, so use caution when buying.
Not just SanDisk, but other manufacturers as well…