Labelling Parts & Bridge Section

Hey Guys!

I couldn`t see this posted already so here goes…

At the moment i run my BB as Verse / Chorus.

So i know whats first, in my songs title i display as "Stop Rain VC" meaning, Wholl Stop The Rain Verse then Chorus… As the real estate on the BB screen is precious once the song is going.

If instead, i could label the sections within BB manager, so when song is playing BB screen Displays Playing: Verse… or Playing: Chorus… or whatver you`ve labelled that section.

This just frees up more room for titles for me, something i would find useful.


I would love to have a 3rd section / bridge section for songs… I thought a way to do this could be:

Triple tap, or single tap long tap to get to bridge section…

Being able to do it without the Mastreo / external pedal is the goal here.


This is an interesting idea that I would like to see as well!

For right now, I’ve used Beat Buddy Manager to copy the song file…I rename it and then I add the bridge part as needed and copy and paste the chorus and verse sections after the bridge. Each part shows up as a number, so I just have to be careful to make sure I’m keeping it in the right “section” as I play. For more complicated songs, I have BB section # notes in my lyrics/tab sheet, but I’m trying to get away from “reading” my lyrics/tabs!