"Laid" (American Pie theme)


Matt Nathanson’s “Laid”, the verse fill is the 4 beat fill, hold the pedal (ie trigger transition fill) for the long 8 beat fill


For some reason, can’t get the song to import. Says “Cant parse portable song…skipping file.” I downloaded it, and pasted it into the BBsongs folder, which is what I’ve done for all the other stuff you sent me. Weird.


are you running the 1.3.3 version of the manager software? I re-exported the sng and replaced the file in the original message, try downloading again


V 1.3.2. New download gave the same message.


others have reported the same issue and after they installed the 1.3.3 version it went away


OK. I’ll give it a try. I hate upgrades. Sometimes they F everything up. I guess we’re oK with this one though.


The upgrade went through successfully and I imported the song. Thanks so much. I wasn’t aware there was an upgrade to 1.3.3.

Is there a way I can extract that fill from the .sng you sent me? This is the .sng I created. the main beat is a bit more like the James version.


Here are the two fills


Charles, thank you so much! I should send you a basket of fruit!