Latest firmware 2.7.0

The most important update is that we can now overwrite a track if we make a mistake. Well done, SS people. I’ve found workarounds for a couple of other bugs, and so I’m now happily assembling a long list of backing loops.

It’s a really cool device. The sound fidelity is noticeably better than other recording devices I’ve owned, and BB integration is fabulous. 6x6 mode offers so much more and so I use it for everything. Chances are that even with only 2 tracks and 2 parts in a song I’m likely to want to add something else later.


When I got mine, I struggled to get the buttons to do what I wanted and was getting frustrated, but eventually it all made sense, especially after I did the latest update. Then I connected to the BB…

Magic. Aeros and BB together smoothly lets you do things with ease that are darned near impossible any other way.

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