Library options

Good Morning all,

There used to be options to buy individual artists collections (which I purchased many) and now the only option is the 2021 (or no doubt soon 2022) ultimate collections that I am not interested in. Way too expensive and I am looking for artist specific songs. Any ideas?


Check here Single BeatBuddy Songs | Premium Library for BeatBuddy

Artist packs are also available.

The BB ecosystem is not very clearly arranged - which is one of the bigger issues for beginners in my eyes: Singular Sound only sells premium sound collections, Goran Grooves (, attached to SS) and Groove Monkee (, not attached to SS) would sell individual packs.

And if you are interested in one-press format songs, you can request them on the forum.

Hi all,

I am looking for the Polka beat??? Can I download it separately?