Library so card

I will most likely order the new sd card special. Is it possible to load or transfer some of the “songs” onto a separate card for a custom mix. I use my BB live and I am afraid the amount of content will be overwhelming to find a song in a live situation. Thanks for any help


Here’s what I did:

The new SD card comes as a .pbf file of everything. When you load it, it has all of the song collections and drumkits. Once I had that loaded, before saving my project again, I exported each of the song collections and each of the premium drumkits. Then, I quit BB Manager without saving the project. I restarted with my old project, and each premium drumkit and each song collection that I wanted. Now since I ahve each collection and each drumkit saved independently of the SD card, I can create projects with as little or as much as I want in them on separate SD cards.

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