Little lion Man/ I will wait


Does anyone a simple 4/4 kick bass drum with some reverb/echo with hi hat for little lion man/ I will wait by mumford and sons. thanks


Having reverb/echo and other post-processing effects on the actual drum sounds may require a completely different drum kit.

So do you need a drumset with added effects, or just a drum pattern for any existing drumset? In the former case, I’d suggest asking this question in Drum Kits subforum.


Just a drum pattern for the existing drumset I think. Thanks


Here’s a 4/4 kick with a hi-hat tap as a midi file, that way you can try using various kits to see which sounds best for you. IIRC, the Rock, Brushes, Jazz, and Cajon kits seem to have a bit of natural reverb in the kick drums. Little Lion Man is at about 139 BPM while I Will Wait clocks in around 132 BPM.


Thank you very much, Just wondering how I import and open this midi file in my beatbuddy manager?


Hi paddydoc, here is a great “how-to” video created by Psalm40 that describes the process of using the BeatBuddy manager to among other things, import midi files into a new song (around the 6:00 mark):


thank you, much appreciated. Is it possible you have a 4/4 kick with hi-hat 1st beat instead of 2nd?


Ask and ye shall receive!


thank you again, but this midi file is the same as the 2nd beat hi-hat???


No, I changed this so that the hi-hat tap is on beat 1 and 3 instead of 2 and 4. I thought that is what you were asking for?


No sorry I didn’t communicate that correctly, is it possible to have hi hat tap on all beats? 1, 2,3,4


Ahh, got it. Just to cover the bases, here’s a few versions. Hope one of them fits the bill.