Login problems

right now im logged in with my ipad. When intry to login on my pc (Firefox browser) its not possible.
There is no message that im logged in and i cannot post anything.
Can anybody help me?


Hi, Werner. Try logging out from your iPad and try to log back in from Firefox on your PC.

I can stay logged in from my ipad and on another pc at the same time. I logged out on the pc and wanted to log in on another pc but on the other pc i cannot login!

today i logged me out at every device i have. It was not possible to login special at this pc. At all other devices pc and ipad i had no problems!

Any suggestions?

Do you have another browser you can try on that PC, say IE or Chrome? Can you connect to other web sites with Firefox on that PC?

Other than checking that you haven’t inadvertently blocked access via a firewall or within Firefox, not sure what else I can suggest checking. You can try pinging the web site using the command line (or doing a trace route).

yes every website is possible to connect even beatbuddy forum. Not possible is login on beatbuddy forum!

If you have not tried this yet, you can delete you username and password in Firefox and try to login again.

Do you have another browser on that computer that you can try?

i will see tomorrow

Today i logged in with internet explorer and had no problems!
The problem has to be on Firefox

Any help for me?

  1. Update Firefox (version ≥ 54.0.1) and check its security and privacy settings.
  2. Delete the BB forum cookies:
    • Preferences > Privacy
    • Click on Remove Individual Cookies
    • Type mybeatbuddy in the Search field
    • Choose Remove All Cookies
  3. If you’re using antivirus software, make sure that it isn’t blocking access to the forum http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/

now it works again!!!
Thank you for your ´help.


Must have something to do with the eclipse :wink: thanks for letting us know. Did you do anything to get it working again or did you just have to restart your computer? ha hah . . . .