Looking for assistance via zoom

I am pretty good with the beat buddy, what I am looking for is a quick lesson on how to import a midi file into the beat buddy that I down load from you tube. if anyone is willing to give me a quick lesson that would be great, I have watched videos and read as much as I can and I am still not grasping this. I have downloaded the MidiEditor and can open the file from you tube on that. feel free to send me a message thanks in advance.

Do you have any other midi editor? Cubase, Audacity, Logic, FL Studio, Ableton, etc? Also, post the midi file, so we know what we’re looking at. You’ll need to zip it first.

I do have Audacity and here is the file that I downloaded from you tube
Chubby_Checker_-_Lets_Twist_Again (1).zip (8.6 KB)

@Phil_Flood is one of the best to learn from. :+1:

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Also, feel free to reach out to support@singularsound.com for one-on -one help!

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