Looking for documentation for the midi implementation

I’m considering a BeatBuddy for use with my looping rig but I need to understand the midi specification, particularly the midi in since I will be using the bb as a slave and controlling tempo/start/stop etc from the loop pedal as the master.
My loop pedal is a Jamman Solo XT which uses their own jamsync system. It turns out that it is just a propriety (ie unpublished) sysex midi which I can capture and decode (fortunately someone has done all that hard work before me) so all I need to do is figure out what midi messages I need to send to the bb and then I can convert the XT sysex to bb midi pretty easily.


I made a spreadsheet of some of the commands: http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/using-the-beat-buddy-live-1-76-beta-firmware-version.5326/page-2#post-20523

Attached is the (currently incomplete) documentation on the beta firmware.

Excellent. Thank you.

Just an update. Received the latest firmware (1.79) complete with midi spec as well. Works great.

Any new features in FW 1.79 when compared with 1.77? Thanks, Tom

I’ve only got the midi doc so cannot comment on other functions since I went from 1.4.1 to 1.79 and even then I only had 141 on briefly but from the midi spec, these are new functions over 1.77

[INDENT]● Enable: Mixer volume can be controlled by sending the MIDI
message with a value ranging from 0 to 100.
● Disable : BeatBuddy ignores all mixer volume commands it receives.[/INDENT]

[INDENT]● Enable : Headphone volume can be controlled by sending the MIDI
message with a value ranging from 0 to 100.
● Disable : BeatBuddy ignores all mixer volume commands it receives.[/INDENT]

[INDENT]● Enable: The Beatbuddy will play the current song special effect each
time it receives the AccentHit
MIDI messages. You can control the
volume of the special effect by changing the value of the message
ranging from 0 to 127.
● Disable : BeatBuddy ignores all AccentHit
commands it receives.[/INDENT]

Pause/Unpause (CC111)
[INDENT]● Enable: The BeatBuddy will Pause the current song when a
Pause/Unpause message is received. The second time this message
is received, the Beatbuddy will unpause the current song.
● Disable: The BeatBuddy ignores all Pause/Unpause commands it

Drum Fill (CC112)
[INDENT]● Enable: The BeatBuddy will trigger a drumfill
when a DrumFill
message is received.
● Disable : The BeatBuddy ignores all Drum Fill message it receives.[/INDENT]

Transition (CC113)
[INDENT]● Enable : The BeatBuddy will triggers a transitions when a custom
transition message is received. You can select which part to go after
the transition by setting the value of the command to the index of the
part you want to jump.
○ Value 1 → Part 1
○ Value 2 → Part 2
○ Value 3 → Part 3
○ Value 127 → Next Part
● Disable: The BeatBuddy ignores all Transition Fill message it

Outro (CC115)
[INDENT]● Enable: The BeatBuddy will trigger the outro of the song when a
Outro message is received.
● Disable : The BeatBuddy ignores all Outro message it receives.[/INDENT]

Folder/Song Select
[INDENT]It is possible to select current folder and song with the MIDI Bank Select
and Program Change messages. The different folders are addressed with
the Bank Select Message and the current song with the Program change.
This gives a possibility of 16 384 different folders with 128 song each. The
The order of the folders / songs are sorted by the BeatBuddy Manager. The
order in the folders corresponds to the number used by the MIDI messages

    1. This means that Program Change Message must have a value of 0 to
      play first song in the menu.
      Folder/Song BANK MSB BANK LSB PG
      F1/S1 0 0 0
      F1/S2 0 0 1
      F3/S3 0 2 3
      F129/S4 1 1 4

Note that a Bank Select selects the bank for the next Program Change
message. This means the program does not change until the Program
Change is received, i.e. bank messages alone are not enough to
change a program[/INDENT]

This is great - the most interesting addition here is the ability to transition to a specific song part using midi. So you should be able to go from part 1 to part 2 then back to part 1 and on to part 3 etc. If used with automation in apps such as Set List Maker it should now be possible to play an entire song through with the minimal number of song parts on the BB whilst still being able to add accents and fills on the fly using the pedal directly - the best of all worlds! Also in this scenario there is no need to worry about the BB 500 note limit per part!

I know this is BB forum but since my reason for posting initially was because of my interest using it (as a slave in my case) with a Jamman Solo XT loop pedal, I thought I’d post a follow up to using it with the Jamman.
I spoke with Tom Cram at Harman (parent company of the Digitech brand) about their Jamsync and how I was trying to hack/use it to drive the BB and he was quite impressed and receptive to what I, and others are doing with the pedal. He did say that the Jamsync signal is not really sysex but some sort of hybrid they came up with just for their own purposes. We talked for quite a while and basically it sounds like they are very interested in trying to do more with the pedal in the future and integrating it with other midi based units so who knows, we may well see some improvements, and maybe even some doc, to the Jamman Solo XT pedal operation and usability.

I am new to this site and BB site this information you have given is a great help works with Band Helper how do I Find the Address for my songs as you describe below ?