Looking to buy a Beat Buddy for Solo Guitar - Chet Atkins/Tommy Emmanuel/Jerry Reed Style etc

Last note Andrew… If you’ve never played with a drummer or a percussionist give us a call: There are a couple of easy tricks we teach our students to get back on track without being stuck just using the beat/part your on, which screws up you’re ending. (Which is what they remember as it’s the last thing they heard…)

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From one day of using it I found some songs worked with the Train Beats in Country, Ballads were good for some of the slower stuff. Elements Kick Drum Part 4 had a good kick drum with hi hat which worked for some stuff - basic I know. One of the brushes songs worked… I haven’t tried fixing the time signature yet but what you said is encouraging. In terms of Tempo some of the songs I do start off as a slow waltz and then go ballistic in 4/4 Chet Atkins style - so the the tempo is going to a bit annoying perhaps.

I really enjoyed my initial experiments though - it did add another dimension to playing and made me mix things up bit in terms of inspiration.

I use the BeatBuddy Mini2 and i’m very happy with it. I too do coffee shops at times and i just use the beats that it has. I’ve actually taken the time to go thru all the genres and the songs and knowing the BPM’s it seems to turn out quite nice. I have hundreds of country song titles that i use. Your welcome to my list if you think you can get anything from it. Providing your music taste is the same as mine.

I play the same music. I pick Roy Clark and Chet Atkins styles. I’m not a fan of Tommy Emmanuel, he beats on his guitar like a bongo. Disrespectful to the guitar. He can do to a guitar in 4 months what it took Willie Nelson years to do to his guitar. Still, I’m doing a some solo work raising money for a veteran’s music therapy program. Having the drum sound opens the door to many of Roy Clark’s tunes that would otherwise sound flat with just one musician. Some Chet stuff is good on its own, but everything can use a punch.

Some very interesting but older posts from user fingerstylepicker.

I like my Beatbuddy it fits in to my type of playing , I find more music for blues and Rock on the Beatbuddy or on the site, I am not in to making drum patches for songs and i want to just focus on playing guitar and singing,