Loop Once Feature?

I searched the forums and didn’t see anything specific to this term, so I hope this isn’t a duplicate.

My Helix LT looper has a great function called “Loop Once”, which I use during live performances to play solos. Basically, I start the loop, play the chord progression, then hit the Loop Once button and play the solo. After one loop, it automatically stops and I can go back to playing the song normally.

Is there a way to implement something like this on the Aeros and control it through MIDI Maestro?


To accomplish this I would have my settings to stop at the end of the loop. Start the loop then press stop. It will play through and stop at the end.

Yes, I understand that I can press stop and have it stop at the end of the loop. I’m trying to replicate the one-button simplicity of the Helix looper’s Play Once functionality, and pressing an additional button doesn’t do that. Having to press only one button instead of two reduces the possibility of errant foot presses by 50%.


One shot should be a standard feature.

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Hey there, this does already exist just under another name. Please forward any thoughts to that thread, thank you for your feedback!

I will now close this thread and tag as duplicate.