Loopers compatible with the BeatBuddy

@rDin Can you confirm that this workaround works with the new RC-500 and the BB?

Electro Harmonix 1440 looper is compatible with the beatbuddy. Listen to start and stop from BB. The only downside is that it will use fixed 4/4 and 3/4 beat

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Hi I have an infinity too are you able to save the beat buddy tempo when you re call a song with the infinity? how do you go about syncing it? thanks

I use the Boss Rc-5 with the Beatbuddy. I have the Boss as the slave on the midi clock sync. It works great.

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Jam man solo xt will this work with the beat buddy?

Hey! can you tell me what cable you use? I am having a hard time finding what I need. I had an RC-3 for years and upgraded to the RC-5 just for the sync function.


Amazon.com: BOSS 5ft / 1.5m Angled MIDI to 3.5mm Straight TRS Cable (MBMIDI-5-35): Musical Instruments

You need one or two of these depending on how you’re routing your midi signal. You would only need one cable if you’re using the Beatbuddy as the master clock and the Boss as the slave. Beatbuddy midi out to Boss midi in.

I forgot to mention that the above assumes you already have the Beatbuddy midi adapter:

You can easely replace the micro Sdcard, you just need to write the .bin image of the looper on your new one with a software like ImageUSB . You need a class 10 micro sd card (I speak about the Infinity v1 ). About preset change you cannot do it with the footswitch (maybe on the V2) but I think no .

Anyone use an EHX 1440 or 22500 with Beat Buddy and Midi Maestro? I’m wanting to use MM to control BB and a Looper using some prerecorded loops to trigger. Thanks!

Has anybody found a workaround for the new RC 500 mastering to the BeatBuddy. Got it to work with my RC 300, but no joy so far with the RC 500. Halp.