Lost MIDI control

I have an I pad , Onsong I Rig 2 and break out cable to change files on the Beat Buddy
It has worked great for at least 3 years, in the last while I started having connection issues
that I solved by resetting BB and I Pad,
Now when I select a song the I Rig indicator flashes but no response from the Beat Buddy
I cant see any damage on the break out cable or pins out of place etc
wondering if theres an issue with the Beat Buddy and what to try.
Ken from the Peg

Have you checked your BB settings to verify that they are still set to receive midi control change and program change messages? Sometimes pedal settings are lost when a Save to SD card is performed.

Thank you for the suggestion, Last time I saved anything to my card was about 4 months ago but I had a look anyway, I dont know what the settings actually do but did a restore midi settings but no change

In that same area where you clicked “restore midi settings” check to see if midi in > control change (CC) is set to “enable.” This will enable the BB to receive midi commands from OnSong. BB uses CC messages to select songs in folders on the BB SD card.

System Real Time
Sync Enable
Start Enable
Stop Enable

Midi Channel
Note on
Note Off
Choke notes ignored
Control Change