Lost some of original content on pedal

Hi, I’ve searched the threads and watched tutorials and nothing seems to work. I was adding the Hand Percussion to my beatbuddy and lost everything except for the Techno and Drums and Bass rhythms. The hand percussion shows on my pedal but with not time signature. The rest of the rhythms are grayed out.
When I look at BB manager, all the drumsets are ticked. I have the latest update because undo/redo is there.

I downloaded and unzipped the original content to my desktop, but now what? Help and thanks.

I can’t say this is the best way, but it is a way to fix your SD card (if the SD card isn’t somehow defective).

Build a good master project on your computer with all the drum kits and songs you want. Once you have it exactly the way you want and it’s working well with the virtual BB in the BBManager, wipe out your SD card and save your master project to the card.

If you have special configuration settings on your BB (e.g. for the foot switches) then you want to get your BB configured the way you want, load the SD card onto your computer, start the BBManager loading the project from the SD card. Next save that project onto your computer (that will copy the BB configuration to the computer as part of the project). On your computer, build up the project the way you want it - all the songs, drum kits etc that you want. Once the computer project is perfect, wipe your SD card and load the computer project onto it.

Thanks Rob. Not sure I know how to build a project, but will try…I appreciate your help…

When I say ‘build a project’ - I mean add drum kits, tweak songs, build folders and song lists - whatever you want done to your project so you have a project tailored to your needs. Once you’ve made all the adjustments to the project saved on the computer, then do a wipe on the SD card. Re-open the project you’ve tweaked on the computer then do a ‘save as’ or ‘export > synchronize to SD card’ to the SD card.

Does that make sense?

Apologies if I’ve oversimplified this but each project folder is a box into which you load drumsets, effects, parameters, songs etc. You can save as many projects to your computer as you want (under different file names) but you can only save one project to the SD card. If you load the contents of a project folder from your computer onto your SD card, you will have a complete kit for your BB. BBManager lets you save to the SD card two ways - ‘save as’ and ‘export > synchronize to SD card’.

I actually prefer to work from the project on the SD card then save backups to the computer. The BB workflow seems set up to work the projects from the computer then move them to the SD card but the commands support managing projects either way.

Keep in mind that the BB uses its folders and files in unique combinations and organization so you must do your project work in the BBManager. If you use the Windows or Mac OS to move files and folders in a project, those changes probably won’t be recognized by the BB.

The BBManager has all the commands necessary to manipulate the drum kits, arrange songs and set up folders/song lists. Since a song consists of multiple smaller midi and wav files, you can only use the BBManager to organize those midi and wav files into songs. There’s a separate piece of software available on the forum to do midi manipulations of those lower-level files (the main loops, the fills, the intro and outro, and the transitions are midi. I think the accent hits are wav files) or you can use a separate midi editor. I have yet to do anything outside BBManager so I can’t help you with midi editing.

No need to apologize Rob.
Thanks for your efforts. Here’s what happens.
I open project, window opens Desktop >with Hand Perc BB mini project folder, Song 1 folder straight 8, Song 2 straight 16, Song 3, Song 4, Song 5 etc Window is waiting for a file name: I click on Song 1 and open. Window says " no items to match your search"
Thanks again.

It sounds like the file that contains the BB file listing is intact but the supporting files are missing. My recommendation for is that you start from scratch - download the original SD card content from the BB website. Open that as a project in BBManager and save it as a new project on your computer. import all the drum kits, beats, and custom songs into that project using the BBManager. Do not use any file or folder organizer outside the BBManager to do this. Save that project to your computer frequently. Once you have that project the way you want, transfer it to a wiped SD card.

Put the card into the BB then configure the BB features the way you want. Put the card into the computer and open the project on the SD card with the BBManager. Save this project to the computer so you have a project on the computer with the pedal features set to your specs. Do future projects on your computer using this new project so the BB features will be set the way you want.

To close this out, Joe and I ended up on the phone and got his card issues sorted out. We ended up rebuilding his SD card from a wiped card and the downloadable original card files on the BB website.

I Can’t thank Rob enough for taking the time to patiently walk me through the whole process.

Glad I could help!!!

I’m going to have to clean out my folders. I have tons of songs in a bunch of folders so I am going to have to create and save projects to reduce clutter. Still learning the ropes on this software. Informative thread. thanks.