Low frequency hum when BeatBuddy Used with GT-10 Send/Return.

So… According to the FAQ documentation under the “Functional” category, “The BeatBuddy supports both latching and momentary standard dual footswitches. The BeatBuddy is NOT compatible with ABY switches.” I was hoping to be able to use my Boss GT-10 Guitar Pedals Send/Return, to simplify my Fender Acoustasonic Jr. DSP amp Input, by mixing the two sources in the left instrument input channel. However, my GT-10 has a A/B/Y channel switch switch option setup, that some preprogrammed patches use. The reason why I’m asking is because I am getting some low frequency hum when the BeatBuddy is stopped. It appears from the manual on page #18 that I can have the “BeatBuddy pedal sense another foot switch? “Footswitch Detector: Detects the type of footswitch that is plugged into the BeatBuddy. Use this whenever using a new footswitch with the BeatBuddy or if your footswitch doesn’t seem to be working correctly (such as it only works every other press, or triggers a command on both the press and release). Or I can manually adjust it, “Footswitch > Footswitch Configuration: Manually adjusts the footswitch settings. Not necessary if you use the Footswitch
Detector. As yet I have not tried to use the detector feature or the manual footswitch configuration option. I wanted to discuss this issue in the forum before continuing. When I go directly into my right channel that has a 1/4” and an XLR input for my microphone, I do not get the low frequency hum? So initially I thought this issue might be more related to the input/output Hz or dB settings on my pedal? But after reading that ABY switches comment in the FAQ’s, it has me wondering if I have to go directly into my amp? I also have an FX Loop in the back of my Fender Acoustasonic Jr. DSP amp that a tech with Rolland suggested I try using. But again, I wanted to discuss this issue in the forum first, to insure that I don’t damage my new BeatBuddy, or my GT-10, or my Fender Acoustasonic Jr. DSP amp. If need be I can give all the statistical data needed for all three devices, I’m just not clear on what or how to resolve this issue. Thanks so much!
PS: Here is a copy of what the Roland Tech asked me.
Roland Corporation Hi William,
We have a few questions to clarify what you’ve mentioned to us so far:
1.Are you getting noise without the Beat Buddy plugged in? No
Is there a difference in the noise level coming from the GT-10? (I’m not sure exactly what you mean by this question?)
2. Have you tried using the regular input and output of the GT-10 instead of it’s Send/return? No
3. Have you tried using the amp’s built-in FX Loop? No