Low volume

Been using BB for four years and always found it has a lower output than vocals and guitar. Currently our PA is an Allen & Heath 10FX60 mixer with Yamaha powered speakers. I plug the BB into one of the A&H stereo line inputs using twin TR cables. The BB volume is max’d, the A&H gain is max’d and the input fader is also max’d, which gives us acceptable volume overall, but then I have to sail everything else back to balance it.
It’s workable but I have no BB volume in reserve and if I want to crank up (say) guitars or vocals then they overpower the BB. Its been like this since new.
Is there something I am missing? Or do I need some form of stereo boost on the BB just to bring its output up to balance the vocals & guitar?
Appreciate any suggestions.

I was using a 1/4" for months until the jack went out. I use the headphone jack now and i get really good volume.

I have the same issue when playing live. The vocals and guitar are louder. I just bought the BB I love it but how can I increase the volume output. I have both main and headset volume all the way up
Thx for any ideas

Bump … any working solutions?