Luckenbach Texas


Easiest song ever for the drummer, literally has no fills, just starts and stops with the same basic beat over and over.

That translates into some tricky stuff you however. First off, the drums literally come in on beat one of the first chorus, and the BB starts on the release of the button press. So I recommend this(it works for me,) press and hold on lets, and release on the beat, “pressLets go to releaseLuckenbach Texas…”

Then for the second verse, get your pause button ready, the drums pause and start right back up a few times. You can just let them play through if that’s your thing too. Personally, I think the pauses make the song.

Again, if you make improvements to the midi files, share the wealth.

Have a great day y’all!


In case you were not aware you can change the beat buddy to start with the press of the pedal instead of the release in the latest firmware. You loose the ability for tap tempo though. I have a lot of songs where i come in on the beat and it works perfect when setup to start on the press.


I have been unable to find this feature, can you post directions to it? I have the latest firmware…


It’s on the ‘main’ pedal function… scroll down to ‘start’ beat …& choose .


On The Pedal push the DrumSet and Tempo buttons together to access the settings. Scroll down to Main Pedal, Should be second one down then scroll down to Start Beat at the bottom and you can change in here