Mac Doesn't Recognize BB

Day 1 with BB. Trying to follow your video tutorials on Mac OS X El Capitan version 10.11.6 but BB pedal connected by USB doesn’t appear in Finder. Pedal screen says connected USB, but no evidence in mac finder.

Also, after downloaded BB Manager 1.6.4 pop up screen tells me to drag 2 icons over to the application folder icon but I only see a BB app icon. Non of the installation process of folders happens. I can get the Manager to open with no content. Can’t find content from download nor can I link to BB pedal connected by USB. This is very frustrating!

Please advise. How to find BB pedal when connected by usb cable that came with pedal. SD card inserted in pedal. Played with pedal and seems to work fine. Every attempt to follow tutorials has failed. They seem to be for Windows, not Mac. Please help me get Manager running so can open first project to import SD content and sync so can begin purchasing content then be able to send it from Manager to pedal via USB.

This should get you started

BeatBuddy install

  • Open BBM and go to Tools > Update; select Update; the new version will download, BBM will quit and a new image will appear
  • The BeatBuddy Manager goes to your Applications folder; drag the BBWorkspace to your Documents folder

SD card

  • instead of using the USB method, remove SD card from pedal
  • put it into your Mac’s SD card slot reader

Thank you Persist. Some progress this morning. Put. SD into Mac slot. After deleting previous downloads then loading and opening Manager - Open Project, content either transferred from SD card or from download. Not sure which. Ran out of time attempting to open two windows to transfer firmware update to SD Card. Gotta get to the paying job.

I just gave up…won’t load on my Mac. Tried a few times and had to delete Beatbuddy download every time. Kind of sad

I’ve watched the PC videos and it’s like watching a 1980’s Cold War presentation for an archaic computer platform

Anybody at Beatbuddy ever buy an iPhone?


I like the basic sounds in the unit but I’m convinced I’ll never get to use any of the Beatbuddy software

Not downloading or not installing? Some greater fidelity on the details would help us to help you.

By inserting SD card into Mac and redownloading new Manager able to open Manager with content playable on laptop. Said Yes to Sync projects.

Next Problem: Dragged unzipped Firmware file onto SD card icon on my desktop. Now shows as a Firmware 1.85 Folder on SD card. When card inserted to BB now screen constantly defaults to showing headphone volume. Over rides screen on beat and section of beat, etc. Going into BB pedal menu shows running Firmware1.29.
Reinseret card into Mac, open SD card, attempt to remove and to delete Firmware 1.85 fails. Can’t get rid of it. Numerous times I have retried to transfer fresh Firmware download, open, then transfer those unzipped files onto/into SD card but won’t happen. Icons revert to home in Firmware file on desktop.

So, Pedal itself now working worse that when I got it two days ago. Was fine until I tried installing all the updates recommended. Ready for more help if anyone can guide me.

Thank You.

Hi, mowgli. Thanks for explaining the details. II sounds like your SD card is locked. Check the slider on the side of the card. If this doesn’t work, let me know.

I’ll help you personally. Download and install Teamviewer and then send me an email ( with your phone number along with the days and times you are available, I will give you a call and set everything up for you. I will make sure you are off to a good start. :slight_smile:

Instead of placing the actual folder itself on the SD card, place its content (5 files: app, app.bin, boot.bin, MLO, MLO.bin) on the SD card. Get rid of the folder itself if it is still on the SD card. Does it work now?

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. After 4 days of struggling I now have BB Manager running with playable content and Firmware on pedal updated. Saved everything as Project ‘Original Content 1’. Since Mac didn’t show pedal connected by USB cable in Finder, I am inserting SD card into laptop and the physical dimensions of the laptop’s card reader slot cause the lock slider on the SD card to move from open to locked. Persist was correct in that theory. Keeps happening. Need to find way to have pedal recognized by Mac.

I have to say that all this software is NOT plug and play. There are too many steps involved after downloading content. I believe that the software can be made to automatically install content into the BB Manager, or at least “automatically” install and then prompt the user with menu pop-up options such as, Install Songs To Open Project? Install Beats? Save to Open Project/New Project/Other? Seriously, the install process is not easy for me and as I read through the forums, I am not atypical. Sure, some people will get it right away but for those of us that are not as experienced, we should not have to enroll in computer literacy tutorial video college to install the software you require and provide.

Seems to me that more streamlined software is possible and necessary considering target market of this pedal. Remember, make it useable for a complete dummy and you will have made it user friendly. Advanced users will jump right into advanced features but we dummies need the software to hold our hand and walk us through the install, not the other way around. You make us direct the process instead of the process directing us.

Only reason I have hung in there and not sent the pedal back is I like the way it sounds and the potential I imagine for my application. If it wasn’t so desirable, I would have given up after day 2 or 3.

So, now I’m downloading drum, beat, and song packs and hope to get them into the Manager and the Pedal so I can begin, after 4 long days, to use the pedal to play songs on my set list.

Solid comments, Mowgli. Hopefully Singular Sound will listen and apply the recommendations from their users to their software.

Hello :slight_smile:

I have got the same problem : beatbuddy connected by usb on my macbook, the screen on the beatbuddy saying “USB device connected” but impossible to find in the finder ! And I don’t have a SD port
Is there something to do ?

thanks a lot

Try this:
[]Power down the pedal and disconnect the USB cable
]Go to Finder > Preference > General tab > click Hard disks
[]With power still off to pedal, connect the USB cable
]Power on the pedal
[]You should see your SD “No NAME” on your desktop
]If you still don’t see it, open Disk Utility and see if your SD card is displayed in the left pane
If this still doesn’t work, you can restart your Mac and see if it appears.

Or, get yourself an SD card reader.

Hmmm, it doesn’t work :confused: (thank you anyway for answering so fast)

I will do that except if someone has another idea ? (If I buy one and the SD isn’t read anyway I am still stuck :p), but of course I will if nothing else comes out :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the link :slight_smile:

What Mac OS are you using? (sounds like you’re on a newer Mac if it doesn’t have an SD slot reader).
You should see your SD card in the left pane of a Finder window.
Also, try using a different USB cable. You should be able to see your mounted USB card in Disk Utility and it should look something like this in OS 10.13.4b6
[ATTACH]9234[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]9234[/ATTACH]

Hello, I tried different cables but didn’t work
Anyway for any mac user : I bought a SD card reader and it works and does exactly what’s on the Persist’s screenshot
and as stated by Persist again
[*]Go to Finder > Preference > General tab > click Hard disks
to make it appear

Thanks everyone
Let’s go for the update now :slight_smile:

Congrats on getting it sorted out. Its really frustrating as there are so many variables on making electronic devices work as intended esp with different PCs and software and setups and cables etc all involved in what could be the culprit.
Have fun with your BB

Thanks !
it is true, there are a lot of variables into play but at least one thing is certain : the BeatBuddy is an amazing product that is worth the effort !