Mac Sierra users

I’m a new user running WIN 10, just had a similar situation (not linked error - please export to SD card). I removed the card from BeatBuddy & put it in the SD slot on the PC and it synchronized fine with no loss of pedal settings.

Come on guys… it’s Januar… and this bug is really a pain in the @ss… any clue on when this issue will be solved?

I wouldn’t hold my breath. It’s now been more than a year since the last official BBM update and I believe that had Singular Sound been capable of fixing it, they would have done so long ago. :frowning:

Many on the forum are expressing their views that it appears that the company is abandoning further development of the BeatBuddy. Meanwhile, while M$ and Apple continue to update their OS’, the BBM falls further behind.

Singular Sound reported that they were aware of the issues and that they’ve been working on a completely revamped version due “anytime real soon now.” It will be interesting to hear whether existing or future customers will think that the wait was worth it.

I’m curious what is meant by “abandoning further development of the BeatBuddy.” Somehow that doesn’t sit well with me. Also curious when it was said that a fully revamped version is due “anytime real soon now.” I’m sure this will put a bad taste in the mouth of those who are considering one and read this. Being a very new user, I’m sort of wishing I waited on it now. Had no idea of the issues.

Sorry for the rant.

Not taken as a rant.

Lack of any new BBM releases from Singular Sound (SS) is being interpreted by users (whether rightly or wrongly) as a lack of interest in sustaining the BeatBuddy.

SS has posted on the forum that they’re working on a new version of the BBM software. Because SS has not said when it will be released, I take it as the typical software and hardware industry answer to the question “when will we see this new release?” So the “anytime real soon now” is my interpretation of what’s coming and when. For more sarcasm, tie the comments to my sig :rolleyes:

On the more positive side of things, you’ll find enough support and help from the forum to help you work around the BBM’s warts and whiskers and to accomplish almost anything you want to do with the pedal.

“On the more positive side of things, you’ll find enough support and help from the forum to help you…”. Over the past almost 3 years I’ve been amazed by the support, patience, devotion of time and overall quality of contributors like Persist, Phil Flood and others. Where do you find such a critical attribute for any other product?

Using BB as a central part of our trio for the past three years and growing my appetite (if not my skills) for more and better from it I am one of the many waiting for an improvement simply with the BB Mgr (searching, organizing, drag-n-drop between folders, etc) as the songs and drumkits have grown.

I was thinking a 3rd party might be intrigued enough to offer an app that handles midi with BB attributes built in now that the market has significant size (nearly 10k members on this forum). BTW I am holding still not up grading to High Sierra in case my current known good state would falter interacting with my MAC. Same with UnRealBook which we also depend on and has been a lifesaver for lyrics and chords - it is also an app at the mercy of things like DropBox making changes (which is how you import pdfs to it). Bit of a gamble - will I still be playing when these pieces age out and I have to buy all new gear?

I look at these issues, and I am reminded of my early days venturing into the world of personal computers - the early 80’s. I was going to resist like all hell buying a Macintosh, because they were too damn expensive, and I could “do that on a Commodore or on my TI-99 4/A.” Well, my wife couldn’t do anything on the Commodore or the 99 4/A, and when Apple offered a “test drive a Mac” program, we brought one home. There has been at least one and usually more than one Mac in our house since that time.

I could probably make Ableton Live or Mainstage do everything that a BB does. Yes, the BB software is quirky and non-intuitive. Yes, it sorely needs features like a setlist, and better editing and grouping tools for drumkit building. And, the whole BB package needs a better midi editor than that built-in thing. (If I were running the show, I would try to get one of the major DAW makers to bundle a midi only version of their software with the package.) But, when you take it as a whole, there still is not a better drum machine for guitar players. And that, that is why we deal with the quirks of this thing. Because, like the early Macintosh, it just does its thing easier and better, even with its faults.

As for the future, we can’t predict Singular’s survival or growth. But, we do have working hardware and software that runs on the systems we currently have. That is not going away. And, as someone who still has a Digitech GNX4 sitting around here, that needs X-Edit software that has not been supported now for 6 years, 7 years?, I can tell you there are ways to keep the old stuff running.

To Persist…thanks for not taking it as a rant, for it really was more like momentary frustration. I figure this is probably all part of the growing pains that a newer company like SS would normally go through. And as I have said before - the staff/moderators and users on this forum totally rock with coolness and friendliness - as well as being helpful as can be! Also, love the sarcasm, Persist! :slight_smile: All is good :slight_smile:

I’m on High Sierra 10.12.3 and I can’t even import the Mallets Beats folder that I purchased off the Singular website. I always have an OPEN button, it never turns into IMPORT. This software is astonishingly convoluted - I have to create a ‘project’ before I import content? Really? What’s a ‘project’? The instructions seem to say (who can say, it’s never very clear) that if you can see the drumsets in BB Manager than you are covered on the ‘project’ requirement. That’s what I think. But again, as with everything else on this software, who can say?

Over an hour scratching my head this morning to upgrade my firmware (brand new pedal, why didn’t it ship with current software), and I’m not even sure that happened for certain. Who can say?

This is as convoluted an interface as I have ever encountered. It’s pretty aggravating. I’m tolerating it because the gizmo itself is brilliant. But the software is a face palm. Sigh. Hoping I can figure this out with some forum help but man, these are such basic tasks, it’s a little scary that it’s so hard, I’d like to keep this thing but I’m starting to wonder if that will be possible. I have to be able to load new drum sounds, I play out acoustic and a lot of the percussion sounds are too loud for the stuff I play, I really need more acoustic sounding stuff. But I can’t even figure out how to load up just one.

Do you have Beat Buddy Manager running? Can you play any of the factory content in Beat Buddy Manager?

Once you get Beat Buddy Manager (BBM) running, your downloaded beats or songs from Singular are in a pbf File. That is a singular package of a folder for Beat Buddy. From BBM, go to File, Import >Folder, and select the pbf File. That should load your beats.

Have to mildly disagree with you there Phil. :frowning: It may work fine for your work method, but unfortunately it is useless to me. On top of all of the short comings you mention, I will add that I find the transitioning is terrible compared to my old Alesis SR-16. I really tried to make it work for me, but alas it was not to be. It now collects dust as I continue to gig with the Alesis and pray for the mythical BB update to make all of our wishes come true :rolleyes:.

And yes I agree that there are a lot of things BB does better than the Alesis, but from a performance point of view I just find the Alesis is easier to use. I find it’s transitions are more predictable. The BB seems to have a mind of it’s own weather or it’s going to transition or not. I find I have to concentrate too much to hit the BB pedal, just at the right time, to get the Transition timing right… and not have it repeat.

So, for this guitar player, the BB is not the best Drum Machine…yet.

And that’s why there is more than one brand of beer at the local pub.

Re the Mac non-synchronize dis-function - I’m a dedicated Mac & BB user and have also been waiting for the “new” BBmanager software for some time. I run all currently available updated software with my desktop Mac and BB. I change my BB content almost daily and sync an SD card in the Mac slot. To retain the pedal settings and avoid having to reset them every time I sync my SD card, I use 2 SD cards - for ease of reference - Main and Backup. As a start point, presume that both cards have my preferred pedal settings and old content, and my BBManager ‘Synchronize Project’ button is greyed out. Using the Backup SD card, ‘Export Project To SD Card’, overwrite the existing project on the Backup SD card and choose the future ‘Sync’ option at the end. This may take one or two attempts before the ‘Synchronize Project’ button appears in the drop-down File menu. I now have my Backup SD card synchronized - but the pedal settings on it have been reset to Default. I then Insert the Main SD card and ‘Synchronize Project’ - done. I now have both cards synchronized - the pedal settings on the Main SD card remain untouched as my preferred settings, and on the Backup SD card are Default. (I carry a list of my preferred settings on my phone in case I actually have to use the Backup SD card in its primary function) Hope this may help somebody out there - as a working entertainer/guitar-vocalist I will continue to deal with this minor inconvenience because, in my experience, the BB pedal is an excellent product which has added significantly to the overall dynamics and acceptability of my performance.

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Wally West you know you can change the settings on the pedal so that the transition/fill happens immediately or waits till the end of the current beat/measure to transition right? thats in the settings. some like one way and others like it another way so they dont have to focus as much. i knew before I changed the setting I would always have to hit the fill on the 2 of 4 beat to make it sound correct as the transition was usually 2 bars long. but if i dont want to have to worry about being spot on when i press it you can just change it to fill only after the current measure is completed. its different so once you change the settings you have to re-learn your old ways to not get confused with how you did it before. but that might have worked for you better?

Kinglerxt thanks for the info. Yes I tried it both ways, before I mothballed the pedal. The Transition/Fill functionality is just not as seamless as my old Alesis SR-16. I like the Alesis stock drum samples and its Tap Tempo better as well. Sorry for the late reply, but I only check this site once in a while hoping for a firmware and software update that will make the pedal more useful to me.
I love the concept of the BeatBuddy and hope they will continue to support it with future updates.

ok no worries just wanted to be sure ALL options were looked at before giving up. crossing fingers for future updates for your issue

Hey GIM,

Worked for me on my Mac by following your process
File>Export>Project to SD Card
Ka rawe - awesome bro