Main Pedal Hold=End song stopped working on a particular setting

Greetings all. First off - a huge THANK you all for the info, downloads/beats, and tutorials found here in this forum. I’ve lurked a long time and have gleaned much info from users and staff alike. Much obliged.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but here is my issue:

I set the Main Pedal to ‘Hold=End song’ while paused. There was no issue when the pedal was set to start on the release (default, I believe). But then I set the pedal to start on push, and the ‘Hold=End’ ceased to function. The song started again regardless of whether I pushed and held it down or momentarily pushed it, double tapped, etc. I reset the start to occur on the release and everything is once again fine with regard to the Hold function.

Is this supposed to function this way? I thought I might be a bit more precise with the start=push, in terms of timing. But it’s really not a big deal if it can’t be set up to do both - push/start and hold/end from pause. It just surprised me and took a bit of troubleshooting to backtrack some other settings I’d changed to figure out exactly which one jettisoned the hold/end function.


This has been discussed a number of times and there is no way round that, hence when the BB was released the only option was to trigger on release, changing this to press means you can’t trigger an action from release as you will have triggered the “press” first.
Hope that makes sence.

Got it. Thanks. Sorry - didn’t see this on a search of ‘hold end’.

This is one of my main concerns and there has to be a way to address this. If we can’t press and hold the Main Pedal switch to cancel, make it where you can hold the pause button on the secondary pedal to cancel the song. I really like this feature because the “release” setting on the main pedal makes the timing momentarily off in a live setting.

The reason I could never play musical band-type video games (ie: Guitar Hero) was because you couldn’t play like you were REALLY playing. You had to train yourself to be a fraction of a second off and, as a musician, it goes against everything I’ve been trained in.

I have found a way around this as I too like the “Hold-Clear” function. I play a lot with a looper and have the same timing problem, so what I do is press down on the pedal and hold it until I am ready to start the BB and the Looper at the same time, then I release the pedal to start the song at just the right moment.
The BB pedal does nothing when you press and hold it. It only starts on release so timing can be right on if you do it this way. Just a way around a common problem. Try it, it works. Of course, if you change your mind, you better know where the quick pause button is. You’re supposed to laugh right here.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.