Major tempo problem.

Using latest update. If I update a song , set the tempo etc, press play , it starts in one tempo, then as soon as it transitions it plays in a different tempo. Making the pedal extremely useless!! I have created 100’s of patterns I use live nightly. But that’s it, cant change them, cant create any new ones from basic loops, this is a serious issue.

This is a tempo slider issue, it keeps defaulting to 100 bpm on transition.

Could you upload one of the songs so that users could look into this?

In the internal Midi editor theirs a separate field to change tempo on individual parts. Go into the Editor for that individual transition part and see if that field is set to song Default

Had to change a few myself. just went into the individual loop and adjusted it through BBM.

My issue is actually with the BBM. I am too scared to plug my pedal into it lest it corrupts my hundreds of other loops I have created.

How do I do this, happy to try. The issue is my BBM, so not sure if it will show up in someone elses ???

If I open the BBM and click on the midi editor its greyed out, I cant use it.

Right-click or control-click on a song section and you should get a sub-menu with Edit Midi [ATTACH]4274[/ATTACH]

Hi, thank you very much, huge help. It wasn’t playing at the same tempo, I adjusted the insert in the midi editor and its all good. Problem solved. But still not sure why it happened, I figured the BBM would intuitively apply the default tempo. thanks again.

I think I’ve seen this since I installed the latest BBM: If you play a song in BBM and you use the slider to change the tempo in the song, as soon as you transition or fill, the song reverts to whatever the set tempo is for the song. It’s annoying, and it seems to be a new problem, but if you change the tempo of the song on the left side, it retains the new tempo just fine.

Yeah, it’s a bit scary, but if you set the tempo in the song rather than the slider (as you’ve always had to do) it works as expected.


My issue ( and it still is an issue ) is that if I want to add or change a measure, fill, transition etc, it doesn’t intuitively play at the same tempo as the rest of the song, it defaults to a different tempo, meaning I then have to go into the midi editor and either manually set the tempo for that measure to the same tempo as the existing song, OR adjust the tempo in midi to default song value. Which is all good now I know what to do, but in the previous firmware build, I didn’t have to do this, the song would just integrate the new/changed measure into the existing tempo. So its just a couple of extra steps / mouse clicks, but when working with large amounts of files ( I play 5 nights a week and have an enormous set list ) it all adds up to extra minutes and extra mouse clicks for my worn out muso’s hands. All good however, definitely a first world problem :slight_smile:

Hmmm. What I’m seeing is if the song is set (in BBM) to, let’s say, 100BPM on the left had side of the song, and you use the top slider to change that to, let’s say, 150BMP, the playback reverts to 100BMP as soon as you play a fill or a transition. Not sure if that’s different from what you’re seeing, but I rolled back the BBM software to (from memory – not overly reliable!) v1.65, and that solved my problem. It might solve yours too.


It looks like the slide bar only affects the current part. The song can have a default tempo and each part can have a separate tempo which can be set to something different OR, the song’s default tempo. If you change to any part, it will change to the selected tempo for that part, ignoring the slider setting. If the selected tempo for the part is “Song’s Default Tempo”, then it will change to whatever is set as the song’s default tempo, ignoring the slider setting.

The slider for the most part is for testing a song to a different tempo. You can’t save the slider settings as set. You can only save the tempo in the left hand side for the whole song. Now, if you want to get creative, you can take a fill that is like a “Half Time” beat and place it in a song that is set for “8 or 16 Beats” to a bar or better yet create the 2nd set in “Half Time”. I have done that playing a live scene with a live drummer and it’s fun to work a song like that. It creates a “Big Change” when you come back to the original track
of the song.
Sincerely, Stan House, Fingerstylepicker.