Makiing the BB work with Jamman Solo XT

I play solo (busking mostly) at farmer’s markets using a keytar and Jamman Solo XT loop pedal. The Jamman does not talk midi (well it does over the jamsync cable but it’s their own propriety sysex) so getting it and the BB to play nice together has been a challenge as I want to use the Jamman as the master.
When I tested them they stayed in sync even without a midi clock but I wanted to be able to set the tempo in the BB from whatever was set on the jamman without having to bend down (I have them preset to the same bpm as the track num. So, select track 110, get 110 bpm etc). I figure I can move up/down through different songs on the bb using the footswitch.
Basically I do not want to have to keep bending down to mess with things on the floor (getting old and it does not look so good anyway).
It’s taken me a couple of days but I’ve managed to get the Jamman to set the BB tempo so next step is to build a box to put all the gubbins in and stick it on my pedal board. I’ll post a video as soon as I have something. I am hoping I can get this all done in two weeks as aIl have a bar gig then so it’d be good to have a more interesting drum beat than the boring old thump thump thump of the Jamman.

More info here on my ‘random stuff’ blog :