Margaritaville - Buffet


Pretty simple


Shouldn’t this be in country?


I guess it could be. But I just heard it on Q104, which is the NYC classic rock station.


Awesome, I wouldn’t have guessed in a million years this got air time on a classic rock station! Works for me :).


Used this at my last show and it worked great. Thanks!


Here’s another version with custom made beats that follows the song with the breaks :slight_smile:


!!! Margatitaville won’t Work !!!.. for me any way
Hey Guys thanks for sharing but I cant get it to work. I get an error saying "Cannot Parse File, Skipping file… when I try to import the song into BB Manager. Also tried Brown Eyed Girl and and it only came in as 2K file. What am I doing wrong??? Thanks


Have yo updated to the new version of Manager software? I was having that issue with some songs before they released the updated software.


Thanks… Yes have the latest all other files I tried worked just this one did not on two download try’s… No show stopper and thanks for the reply.