Master Volume drops randomly and songs corrupting

Updated to the beta to get the master tap tempo, which works great, but now not only does my master volume turn itself off randomly, while I’m playing the song.
I also get songs corrupting and refusing to load, crashing the whole aeros, particularly when I record a 6th track in 6x6 stereo. frustrating when I’ve tracked a 6 track, 2 part song, it dissapears, so I do it again, and it disappears again… doesn’t seem to save the final track (memory value 0mb when I look at the song folder on my mac) and stops the song from loading. Tried deleting the 6th track on the mac and reloading and its still corrupted

Also doesn’t appear to recognise my phones hotspot wifi anymore?

Which beta the new one 5.0.0 ?
Volume still there?

Hi, it was aeros-5.0beta1.bin.
I do realise its a beta version and there maybe some issues ;).
I thought that the aeros had stopped while I’m playing over it as a background but it was the master volume dropping to zero. Turn it back up and it seems to be ok. Is it a midi issue (I don’t fully understand midi, it must be said) picking up a command from somewhere? I have the aeros midi out connected to a korg monolugue, through to a behringer RD6 drum machine and then through that to a kemper stage. Tap tempo from the aeros then works brilliantly across all 4. I shouldn’t be getting midi commands into the aeros if theres no midi in connected tho, should I?
I was saving the 6x6 files to an sd card when they didn’t save properly and refused to reload. I’ll check it again using internal memory to check its not a faulty card…

Please update to version 5.0.0, 5.0.0beta1 is no longer the latest version!

This bug was hopefully either improved or made less annoying by being able to turn off the EXP behavior. It appears to be related to the newly capable EXP input being activated.

Thanks for reporting :slight_smile:

thats great, thanks so much. I’ll update as soon as I can…

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