This is the Carl Perkins version (slow it down a bit for others. A couple of things, INTRO section has 4 phrases, then into the VERSE section. The VERSE is actually two verses to account for interesting drumwork and verse/solo configuration. Also, this is in key of A as in the Perkins version. In the notes, I’ve included the Blind Lemon/ Ma Rainey lyrics too.


Nicely done Phil …there’s a lot of ‘gold’ in that 12 bar oldie… :wink:

Thanks … It’s one of my favorites… I love the original lyrics. I have another, older version, around 1917, that’s positively filthy.

Where’s the link???

I’ll try to repost sometime today or tmrw.

? Still no link :frowning:

Just reposted it!

maybe I’m just daft but where is it??

thanks , phil!