Max notes in midi file

i’ve been creating some complex parts but keep being thwarted by the maximum number of notes in the midi file. Is 500 the limit, or can this be increased ?

Welcome, Guy. The current version of BeatBuddy Manager limits users to 500 notes however, a beta test is ongoing for an upgrade that lifts this limit. When released, this new version will include a built-in midi editor.

Do you have any idea when this upgrade will be made available ?

I have one other question… I have been using the midi files to contain some non-drum notes which are routed to midi synths for backing pads and suchlike. Is there a possibility to have these on another channel to make separation from the actual drum notes easier ?

Maybe with the new release. They are expanding the midi capability soon. For now, you’d actually have to have some other sequencer or device reading the midi, and farming out the drum’s midi to the beatbuddy.

However, it may be possible for you to create a custom drumkit, and add “instruments” as if they are “drums”. We have done with this bass, so that we can have the BB play bass and drums, and I even have a kit that plays bass drums and strumming acoustic guitar!