mechanical issue

I’ve had my beatbuddy for almost 2 years. I use it pretty heavily but I’m not particularly hard on it. I only really use it while sitting, so I’m not stomping on it hard.

Just a couple of days ago I had an issue while playing. The rod that runs through the pedal hinge slipped itself out on one side and as a result the pedal popped out on one side and of course will not work very well.

I pressed the hinge part down and was able to slide the rod back in on the slipped side to hold it and it worked pretty well, but not I notice that every now and then I have to pick the pedal up and slide the rod back into place as it it working itself back out again.

Anyone else had an issue with this? Any ideas how to secure it so it doesn’t happen so often?

The safest thing to do is to contact via email to see what they can do to help.

As I look at the rod on my pedal, it does not stick out beyond the edges of the pedal. You could try making small patches of 100mph tape to fit over the rod and fastened to the sides of the pedal. This is temporary at best because the tape would wear and come off. You could also glue a small piece of plastic over the rod ends to help keep it in place. Just be careful to not let glue touch the rod ends within the holes—just the plastic to the pedal frame surrounding the rod ends.

Right, when the rod is properly in place it is flush on both sides, but of course with use it starts sliding out. I’ll email support and update this thread when I know what the solution is, if there is one.

If Singular is no help, a similar diameter rod might be able to be found at a hardware store or a hobby store. You could cut it about 1/4 longer on both ends, groove it slightly about 1/8" from each end, and attach C-clips (also at the hobby or hardware store), to each end. When I say hobby store, I mean the kind that sells RC airplanes and cars, not a Hobby Lobby. But, let’s see what Singular does first.

Just updating those who care, I emailed support and they said I could mail it to them and they would repair/replace it.