Messed up my project

Wait I lied! It did copy to that card I’m going to try the other one! Next project …see if I’ve messed up the computer :crazy_face::crazy_face:

I think I messed up my project in my beatbuddy manager …somehow… The big Buddy rody set it up for me about a year ago remotely… So I still have no idea how to start a project dang my hide

Also I was wondering if I can delete everything beatbuddy related from my laptop and start over by re-downloading all the related software… My beatbuddy manager has stopped working it won’t sync to the cards anymore

I also appreciate this info. You are the most helpful guy on this site. Thanks a bunch.

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Sorry I missed replying to this earlier. The answer is “yes.”

Search this forum for General Disaster Recovery and follow the instructions. Holler if you run into problems or have questions.

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