Metadata in .sng file to set instrument levels in drumkits

I see a number of posts complaining about volume differences in kits between songs. Some of this stems from different loudness of samples. Some of it is just differences between kits. I find myself having to adjust individual pieces here and there. A snare is too loud, a cymbal is too loud, etc. But I can’t keep this adjustment for an individual song without saving a kit. And then, the kit us changed for every song. How about this: meta data in the .sng file that links the drum kit to the .sng file with the levels of the drum kit saved. You audition a song, select your kit, adjust drum levels, save the song, and the kit and drum levels get saved with the song. When you decide you want different levels or a different kit, you make the new settings, save the song again, and those new settings new get saved with the song. Do-able?