Midi command android

I have finally gotten the Beatbuddy to respond to the midi command I enter in the Smartchord app but it will only change the song within the folder that is open. This is what the code that I enter looks like… C0 01 01. Can someone show me what the command for say 12th folder 5th song look like?

Ok, if I understand the nomenclature, C0 01 01, the C means that this command is likely a patch change command. Can I ask you, which song # in the current folder is being opened?

You require at least an LSB command (A bank command) to change folders on the BeatBuddy, and then the patch command to choose the song within the folder. If I were you, I would try to look into the documentation as far as how the smartchord app works, there is potential you may be limited to only using patch change commands, in this case, I would make a folder with your setlist and only use that folder with the smartchord app.

Not to confuse you, but LSB is set by using a CC (Continous Controller) command, LSB corresponds to CC32, Continuous controller commands have 128 values (0-127) associated with them, which translates to 128 possible banks of LSB. LSB allows you to choose between the first 128 folders on the BB, the BB sets the command that opens the song based on location. Folder 1 = LSB 0 = CC32 value 0, folder 10 = LSB 11 = CC32 value 11

Remember CC32 = LSB

So Folder 12 song 5 would be = CC32 value 13 + PC (Patch Change) value 6

FYI, Patch change commands only have one corresponding value, unlike CC which has two.

If this is all confusing, you may want to refer to the BeatBuddy manual’s MIDI section and/or reach out to support@singularsound.com for more assistance.

I would say the first thing you need to do is research what commands the app supports sending.

Let me know if you have more questions!