Midi Editor - adjust row volume

Am i missing something or is there no way to adjust the volume of the entire row in the midi editor?
For example, i want to lower all the snare beats in the row and not have to do each one individually.

Depends on the editor. What are you using?

I think he means the built-in one, Joe.

Then Iā€™m no help ā€“ on so many levels.

Using the BB editor.

Any of us that do serious editing of midi use something other than the BB editor. The BB editor was a user created tool, and it lacks many features on even the most rudimentary midi editors. I use Logic Pro X. Others use Cubase, Audacity, Reaper and so forth. In Logic Pro X, I can do what you are trying to accomplish. As I understand it, in the built in BB midi editor, you can only edit one note at a time.

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