Midi export does not work

I used to be able to export a midi file and open it in midi editor to edit it and save it. Then import it back in BB. However, now when I export the file and save it, then open in midi editor there are no notes to edit. Whats weird is I can load it back into BB and it plays. If I look at the editor in BB I can see the notes but it almost impossible to do any editing there. Has anyone had this problem and been able to fix it? Very frustrating. I can’t export any file anymore to edit at all! Please help!!

BTW, I’m using BBM version 1.65.0. I believe this is the latest version.

I’m assuming that Export to MIDI has worked using the same BBM version and that you haven’t updated or changed your computer operating system lately. With those assumptions, something in your BBM or data has changed. When this happens, the best thing to do is to backup your BBM data and then delete the app and the workspace folder (as well as any other folders that the BBM might be using):

  • Sync your project to your SD card so you have a backup of your most current project
  • Zip the bbworkspace folder and move it out of your Documents folder
  • Delete the BBM app from your computer using your control panel to remove the app and the bbworkspace folder
  • Download and install the BBM app
  • Use the BBM File > Open Project and navigate to tour SD card
  • Accept the prompts for saving the project to your computer

Test the Export to MIDI function now.

well, I did just get a new computer about a month ago but its been working fine til the last couple of days. I have windows 10, with plenty of speed, RAM and drive space. Unless this changes things, I will go through your steps above and see what happens.

I’ve done all the above and tried it again and it still doesn’t work. Same thing. cant edit a midi file or show any notes, or play, etc. Any other ideas? It is somehow changing the file when it is exported because I can pull any other midi files I’ve saved and edited before from the locations they were saved and they work fine. However, if I export any of them from BBM, it is useless in midi editor, either all blank or a few single straight lines. just screwed up. however, if I create a new song and import that same screwed up file into the main beat (or any beat area) it plays fine.

Usually doing a reinstall of the app fixes the problem. Sorry to hear that this didn’t help.

If you’d like me to take a look at this, please Export to MIDI one song section, zip it and attach it in your reply to this thread.

I’m at a loss otherwise with what to tell you since it worked before and now it doesn’t. Your next best step could be to contact support@singularsound.com to arrange for a remote session.

Here are a couple files I exported. Let me know what you see. Thanks.

boulevard drums and basszip.zip (631 Bytes)
PinkHousesIntrozip.zip (262 Bytes)

There is exported midi, but it is very incorrect. All of the notes are lengthened to an extreme. I’d like to see the .sng files from which you exported these - your copies, not the ones in the Forum.

Let me know if this is what you want. Thanks.

Boulevard_Of_Broken_Dreams_OPB.sng (5.1 KB)

That works. I don’t know what is causing your problem, but there is clearly a problem with how your BBM exports files. Look at this:

The top example is what your exported midi looks like. The bottom example is what my exported midi looks like. Something is just extending all your notes. I have not seen this before, but dumping and reinstalling BB Manager would be my recommendation.

But I did that as you asked above, correct? or do you mean something different?

I guess by “above” you mean what Persist recommended? Yes, if you did all that, then you probably need to get with Singular Support, as he recommends.

Yes, sorry. Didn’t realize I was talking with a different person. lol Anyway, yes I deleted the BBM and reinstalled it And am still having the problem. It is clearly a problem with BBM changing the file when exporting. I also got this file with Drums and Bass online at a free midi site. Worked it to what I wanted and put it in a song file in the BBM. It is the first time I have done this and was excited about how it worked, until now I can export anything anymore. Could have something to do with the free midi site maybe? or the midi file I downloaded to use?

Although, if it had something to do with the file, it would have happened to you too?

I sent you a private message.