MIDI file doesn't play correctly in BeadBuddy

I am trying to create my own beat for Love Shack and have the following MIDI file I created for the intro. However, it does not play correctly when I bring it into the BeatBuddy Manager and add to the song. What am I missing?Loveshack_drums_intro.zip (795 Bytes)

This is how your MIDI file appears in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) MIDI Editor:

Correct. I saw that. That doesn’t answer my question however.

What PErsist is pointing out is that you have unsupported notes at 31 and 40. In most BB kits, there is no drum sound at Midi 31for your file to trigger. In nearly all of my “with bass” kits, midi 31 would trigger a G3 bass note, also, something that you do not want. 31 is not [part of the General Midi standard for drums, although it does show up in Logic and EZ Drummer kits that provide more tones than those available in the General Midi standard.

Midi 40 is the 2nd snare drum, or in some definition of General Midi standards, an electronic snare drum. This is mapped in quite a few BB kits, but it is not part of the default kits.

To make your file play correctly, you should move the drum hit at 40 to 38, and the drum hit at 31 to 48, as I believe that it supposed to be an open hat. I may be wrong.

Yes, it is an issue that BB doesn’t QUITE use the GM MIDI Drum standards, but it’s close. Dunno if this helps, but this is the basic kit mapping for Beat Buddy (I ignored the e-snare and e-kick):

Kick: 36

Rim: 37
Snare: 38
Claps: 39

Hats Closed: 42
Hats Pedal: 44
Hats Open 46

Tom 1: 50
Tom 2: 48
Tom 3: 45
Tom 4: 43

Crash-1: 49
Crash-2: 57
Ride: 51
Ride Bell: 53
Splash-1: 55
Splash-2: 59

Tambourine: 54
Cowbell: 56
Shaker: 82

When I go into EDIT for the part in BBM it does not allow me to move the drum parts? Is this not possible in BBM?

I don’t use BBM at all, because of those difficulties. I use a real midi editor, Logic Pro X. I gave up on BBM around the third time I tried to do anything with it.

nevermind… I got it!

You can RIGHT click over the instrument name and get an option to move all of the notes to a different instrument.