MIDI files not importing correctly

I created MIDI patterns in Logic and imported them into BBM. I made sure all the notes are General MIDI notes recognized by BB. But the files don’t survive the import intact. Some files are all there, but other files have long delays before they start playing. Some notes get bumped out of place. (And then when I try to control it at all from my MIDI Maestro, it’s not responding like it does with the built-in songs.) Any ideas?

Attach one of the MIDI files with the long delay in reply to this post so that we can take a look at it and try to help your sort it out.

I think I might have figured out the delay problem. Apparently, you can’t just export a single region out of Logic from the middle of a song. It exports all of the space in front of the region as well, even if you only have that one region selected. I tried it again, this time moving the region to the beginning of the timeline and reducing the timeline to only include the length of the region, and it seems to have worked. Still working on this…

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It helps knowing that you’re using Logic. Yes, I have that same issue with exporting a track that does not begin at the start of measure one. The end point of the project does not affect the track being exported, but a region does need to be complete measures in length to export properly. Also, in the last measure of a region, be sure to have a note end at the very end of the region. I usually use a kick drum for this, since percussion note playback is not affected by written percussion note length.