Midi FS control

Hey All,

I’ve been conjuring up my ultimate way to control BB on stage via a midi foot controller. It’s almost there, but one thing that’s nagging me is the double tap to change sections. I:e tap once to start transition, tap again in same bar to exit to section.

Is there a work around to be able to do the below example, or is this something that can be implemented in future updates?

•Midi switch 1 plays transition then exits to section 1 (verse)
•Midi switch 2 plays transition then exits to section 2 (Chorus)
•Midi switch 3 plays transition then exits to section 3 (bridge)

To save precious pedal board space I would then use main BB pedal to start song and activate outro / end song, and use my already small extension pedal for pause, accent and song scroll up / down.

At the moment I’m stuck with having two sections per song as I like to be able to “jam” not be locked into a song structure. But am finding I need the dynamics / feel / pattern to change for a 3rd section that I would use once in a song / bridge section.

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