MIDI Functionality/Features Suggestions


HI David,

When will BeatBuddy have the ability to:

  1. Receive/play MIDI data from external sources?
  2. Transmit MIDI data to external sources (DAW, etc.)?
  3. Change Receive/Transmit MIDI channels?

One of the reasons i purchased a BeatBuddy was to trigger sounds “live” over MIDI (using drum pads and/or a sequencer). I assumed when I purchased the BeatBuddy that it would do this since there’s a MIDI cable option, (which I also purchased), but what I didn’t realize at the time was that the MIDI functionality was limited to MIDI sync. Adding this feature would also fulfill another request (mentioned multiple times on this forum) of hearing sounds while programming them in the software.

Also, adding the ability to transmit MIDI data from the BeatBuddy to standard DAW software would be helpful when recording in the studio.

In addition, the ability to set the MIDI receive and transmit channels would be a natural feature to add at the same time as the MIDI receive/transmit functions above, especially since you’ve just added MIDI THRU capabilities in the latest firmware update.

Please advise.



These are very useful suggestions and will most likely be implemented over time, because this will be a great enhancement of the pedal overall.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any ETA for you at this point.


Thank you Daefecator, for your reply.

Do you work for or are you a representative of BeatBuddy? My post was directed to David Packouz so if not, I’m assuming I should resend to him or Eli directly.

Please advise.



You can always send a PM to David or email him direct.
Maybe it was because I was with this from the start but the midi functions have always been detailed as being basic - being used for midi sync purposes only. Despite that I trust that in the future what you request will be possible, personally I would like to trigger the sounds in the Beatbuddy from an electric kit and having it trigger through a DAW would make programming so much easier.


Well, first and foremost, this is the public forum for discussing BeatBuddy - the World’s First Guitar Pedal/Drum Machine Hybrid. If you want to discuss something privately with anyone - please go ahead and ask directly.

So, davidskys, yeah, you can either use a PM feature here on forums, or a support email address that is on the bottom of every forum page. If you have any suggestions or feedback about forum moderation - please also use contact@mybeatbuddy.com.

While I am not a hired team member, I like to dedicate my time to the project, as I really love it. David is extremely busy promoting the pedal, the dev team is just as busy with the Mac version, while I am having difficulties to hop on that train :slight_smile: That’s why you see me all over the forum! I can only hope to be as busy as the rest of the team, though :slight_smile:

[Edit] Psalm40, you’ve made it quicker than me this time! :slight_smile: