midi import volume control

Hi there I have been having a hard time finding a midi software editor that works with beatbuddy. Eventually came across anvil free and discovered that I could create beats that would export to beatbuddy manager.

The problem Im having is the volume on playback of the files I have created varies slightly

Im not sure if this is coming from the midi editor side or from beatbuddy manager

But I would like to be able to “normalise” the volume of imported beats obviously so that I don’t have to adjust volume manually everytime I change a song on the pedal

Is this possible?

I also tried downloading the beatbuilder software. I saw a mention of it having some volume normalisation functions. But Ive never been able to get it to download. I mean I can download it but it wont open?

Im using windows 7 and have java 1.8

Does beatbuilder still exist and does it work with windows 7?

I finally got java runtime to load after much persistence and beatbuilder is now working. So Im hoping to create a few beats and not have volume issues as mentioned above.

However straight away I notice that you are limited to 500 events when importing midi files into beat manager.

Essentially if you beat is 120 bpm then you only have approx. 4 minutes play time

I was hoping to be able to have a longer loop playing… has anyone got any ideas about this?

Hi, peterd. The new version of the BeatBuddy Manager is not limited to 500 midi events. Please download and install BBM 1.6.4 from http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?threads/beatbuddy-manager-software-1-64-win-mac.6232/

It also has a midi editor in it that is superior to Beat Builder IMO.

Thanks for that info I can actually import a decent length track now. Still got some issues tho…

1.How do you access the midi editor in the latest version of beatbuddy manager?
2. How come the volume is lower on imported tracks from beatbuilder…this causes a problem if your gig list has a mixture of onboard beats and imported ones
3. Same problem with importing accent hits from the library, they are way too quiet

Hi, peterd.

  1. Same as you did in the last version :smiley: (sorry, I couldn’t resist!). I’ve enclosed some screen shots to go along with the steps:
  • highlight a song you want to edit the midi in; CTRL-click the section of the song you want to edit; (first screen shot)
  • from the contextual menu, select Edit; at the prompt to “Quantize Midi pattern now” dialog box, choose “No”;
  • you should now be in the Midi Editor window (second screen shot); you can edit the velocities for drum instruments and bass notes.
  1. I don’t know, since I don’t use Beat Builder, but you can edit the velocities using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) Midi Editor.
  2. You cannot use the BBM Midi Editor to edit Accent Hits since they are wav files. You’ll have to use another program to change the volume of the wav accent hit. I think some folks here use Audacity (freeware).
    [ATTACH=full]3747[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]3748[/ATTACH]

Thanks, that looks better than previous version. I checked my simple stomp beat (bass drum and highhat) in the midi editor and the volumes were all set to max.
I noticed that if I combined instruments like bass drum and snare on first beat and third beat I would get more volume when played on the pedal
I think that’s why the onboard beats sound louder because they are built up
But Im following the kiss principle here ie keep it simple.
So I guess its open to further experimentation in the future, atleast I can make simple stomp box beats now