What are the MIDI strings to the Beatbuddy to select Song, set the Tempo, and select the Drum Set?


As far as I know, these functions are not currently supported, but I will be glad to know about this from the team as well, if I am wrong.

Edit: To control the tempo continuously, just keep supplying MIDI quarter notes. I know nothing whether the tempo can be set as an integer value.


I believe MIDI song selection for the BB would suffice. Tempo and drum set are tied to the song. The GOAL here is to select the next song on one device which sends MIDI to multiple devices setting them for the next song. What we don’t want is to have to set multiple devices between songs.


I see how having a MIDI command to select a song would be useful. This function should probably be added ASAP. Just let the guys time to finalize manager software.

Even the most useful features should better be postponed until everyone gets a stable baseline version! Everyone wins in the end.


Good idea. We’ll look into adding this.




Ditto on adding MIDI Song Select in a future firmware upgrade. I can see how this would prove useful as well as ability to set the MIDI Channel and a dedicated MIDI Options folder under the Settings Menu.


I was thinking about midi in too: how easy would it be to implement midi control for the triggering of fills and change of song parts? That would be really useful for live performance as it would allow for many alternative setups such as controls sent from a computer or even the triggering of a fill by a movement of your arm via a midi enabled accelorometer for example.


Got the midi start/stop to BB set up. It was easier than I expected. One tap of the pedal triggers start and the intro plays and away you go. It seems unexpected that triggering the stop from midi (another one tap of the same pedal button) stops BB but does not play the outro. It does actually stop it doesn’t go into pause.