Midi maestro iOS App

Really struggling with this App. trying to write a custom mode to run BB and Aeros looper together. Issues as follows:

  1. Cant see the midi channel number. ( already a post on this)
  2. Cant edit an existing command that is assigned to one of the six buttons. Can only save or add.
  3. Cant delete commands.
  4. Cant assign a command saved in ‘my commands’ straight to a button.
  5. The options available on the video on using this app to don’t appear on my version 1.4.2.
  6. Using the cc command 120 number 1 to emulate the main BB pedal doesn’t seem to work. I want the MM button to do what the BB pedal does i.e add fills etc.
    Any advice out there?

For the main pedal you need to have a command

cc 120 and value 127 for the Main Pedal (check your channel)
CC 120 with value 0 for Main pedal release (check channel)
and must be like the pic

When I use my MC8 to send an emulation of the main pedal to the Beatbuddy, I have to send CC120 value 127 followed with CC120 Value 0 (both on the same press) for it to act like a main pedal press. I think that’s what the previous poster was saying.

BTW, if you want to make the Aeros change part (in the following example Part 3) and the BB to transition to the next drum part, it looks like this:

Ok thanks - I had no idea about that. Was wondering what those symbols meant!
Thanks for your help. Ill try V2 as well.

Thankyou - hopefully all this helps.

Hey there, we were aware that things are not fully flowing on the 1.4.2 version but there are some things I can help with here:

You have to do this in the Commands list when adding commands to a button or your My Commands list from the menu. You edit the command and all versions of the command will be edited across all downloaded and created modes.

This is definitely not ideal and will not be how we do things in 2.0, just a last effort to get edit to work on this build.

You’re saying you would want to add it to a button when you are not inside the button but rather in a different section of the app?

Not possible on 1.4.x unfortunately and likely will not be. Something to consider for 2.0 however.

What options are you referring to?

Like mentioned above you have to set the pedal press and release for this to work, if you never send a release it’s the same behavior as if you had never let go of the pedal. Just send CC120 value 1 on the press in the button on the MM app, and CC120 value 0 on the release in the button on the MM app.

Issues 1 & 3 are known and won’t be fixed but will not be issues in 2.0. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thankyou Brennan. Much appreciated. Ive reverted to using the android App which works better. But still can’t get the BB to work using the press and release commands. i.e It doesn’t even start! Don’t know if there are any BB setting that are different for using it this way. In BB mode on the maestro the start BB switch works. So I assume its set up properly. Channel 1 and Midi merge.

Please reach out to support@singularsound.com and they will help you get this sorted out!

Thank you for your patience

Well. - I upgraded the firmware and now all is good. Apologies for not doing that first. I will look forward to the iOS upgrade. The Android App certainly works better.