Midi novice here (lame I know...)

Beatbuddy is awesome!!!
I have played around with the files on the BB and came up with a few songs. Almost mastered that.
I have an older Simmons electronic drum set with Midi capabilities and just bought a Korg Krome which I haven’t had a chance to mess with much. I know that I can Midi them up and create kits/beats this way. I am familiar with Midi (as in I’m old enough to have been around when it first came on the scene but never got into it) and am needing assistance/pointing to the right resources. Is there any ONE place, blog, site or even (gasp!!!) book, where I can find the information in ONE spot without having to look all over the internet?
Much appreciated!!!


This is a good starting point. I’ve always just recorded my backing tracks on my Tascam but that was because I had smaller keyboards. Now, I actually have the capabilities of recording MIDI tracks on the actual keyboards. Just something new for me to try.