MIDI out configurable please

I wish there were more options to configure the MIDI out. I see there is an option to send CC-102 for next part but I wish it was possible to configure a MIDI CC-# for each part. I have an infinity looper and it would be great if it could switch loops automatically with changes to which part the BeatBuddy is playing. Inifinity can accept a CC-24 for footswitch 1 and CC-25 for footswitch 2 but there is no way that I have found to get BeatBuddy to output these CC_#'s when it switches parts. Have I missed something? I am only a beginner with MIDI so please excuse me if I have missed something obvious. Perhaps there are other things that could be done with MIDI out also. It looks like there is a lot that can be configured with MIDI in but not with MIDI out. Why is that?