MIDI out from pedal

Hello, I can write MIDI messages to the pedal and change the song no problem. When I read messages coming from the pedal, F8 is transmitted continuously then when I change a song using your arrow buttons the pedal transmits a MIDI message… That’s expected but the message is the same for most songs. Only some songs transmit a slightly different message. I need to read the song number but obviously I can’t… Can you please help me on why the MIDI message isn’t transmitting the song number?

Hello. I’ve had no reply yet but I have more information. When I read the midi messages from the pedal while I switch songs, the message is always the same except every 4th song is a different one. I’d expect a different message for each song so I can tell which is the current song… All messages are 11 hex bytes and start with F0 and end with F7, like a SYSEX… Can you please advise me how to read the current song. Thanks. Carl.

Hey there, I can get back to you on reading the messages, but the BeatBuddy does not send the MIDI song messages it receives.

Hello. Thanks for your reply… I’m not asking if it sends back the messages it receives… I’m changing the song using the arrow buttons on the pedal… The Beatbuddy does send a MIDI out message when I change the song, but it is the same message which changes every fourth song I pick??? This doesn’t make sense. All I’m trying to do is read the song number that has been selected… In effect, the Beatbuddy is acting like a Master telling other MIDI equipment what song is selected. The Beatbuddy documentation says it can do this… Does the Beatbuddy transmit the selected song? Thanks, Carl…

The BeatBuddy doesn’t send out song messages, but it does send out the time signature every time you open a new song. Since most songs are in 4/4 that would explain the “4”

Could you possibly show us where in the documentation you saw this feature? We may need to revise that section!

Oh I see… I thought when it was used as a Master, it would send out the song number so my other equipment could change to suit that song… It would be quite simple to send the song number on a change… Can you try to include this in future releases because it would be very powerful feature for use in performances… Thank you… Carl.

There is already a related feature request/ suggested enhancement postet for “midi song numbering” on GitHub for the open source BBM. https://github.com/SingularSound/openbbm/issues


Hello Mark, thanks for your reply…

This is a similar issue but not the same. This issue is assigning a user number to a song (writing MIDI to the pedal) which is really necessary.

My issue is with reading MIDI from the pedal. I need it to transmit the song number (not folder number) when a song changes.

Both these features would make it brilliant to interface to as Master or Slave.

So what happens with these ‘Feature Requests’? Do they ever get actioned?

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