Midi Out Not Working

I’m hoping there’s an easy answer/fix to this - I’m trying to use BB in my Nuendo DAW and I’m using an MIO usb midi interface. I’m getting no midi out from the BB, and the sync tracks fine, so midi in is working great. But I can’t get midi notes from the BB at all. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

The midi breakout cable might be faulty

Is this question about MIDI note out? or MIDI out in general? As I understand MIDI note out is disabled by default.

From the BeatBuddy (BB) Manual, p.38:
" • Notes

o When enabled, the BeatBuddy sends out the MIDI notes that it is currently playing. This can trigger sounds in another device such as your computer or another synthesizer. If disabled, BeatBuddy does not send out any MIDI notes. Some devices (such as the Pigtronix Infinity looper) get confused and do not operate properly when they receive MIDI notes.

• Enable/Disable*"

As the user yalyari in post 3 points out, check your pedal settings. It doesn’t hurt to check your MIDI Sync Adaptor and other connecting patch cables.

Check that the setting on the pedal for MIDI OUT - NOTES - Enabled

Thank you! Midi notes were disabled. That is what I was hoping for - a quick setting change to fix. Much appreciated!