MIDI...preferably for Dummies

First things first!!! Beat Buddy is a revelation!! if it is this good at the start who knows where it will go!!!. A big thank you to the generous forum members who are sharing their songs…if the world was run by musicians it would be a much better place!!!.. However… “MIDI” I have tried to get my head around it but I may as well try to learn Martian!! I play and record with another great fellow Harry !! I bass he guitars and Mr BB does the drums, but I wish to sync with a TASCAM 2488 Mks 1 and 2, but either as slave or master beat Buddy and the TASCAM do not want to talk to each other…It may be dated and probably It is pilot error on my part but the 2488 is a brilliant bit of kit does anyone have any tips for older generation recording media (and bass players)…regards merv

A quick google search gave me the following link:

The author is having similar problems, but as far as the second post goes the basic sync is possible, though maybe not ideal.

Are you sure you make MIDI cable connections correctly?
B BeatBuddy MIDI Out — (Slave) TASCAM 2488 Mk[/B]
B BeatBuddy MIDI In — (Master) TASCAM 2488 Mk[/B]

Hi, I checked my Tascam 2488 Mk11 it will sync externally
switch clock in Tascam 2488 Mk11 go to menu>midisync>clock internal/external

Does it stay in sync? My Tascam DP-32 master to BB slave does not stay in sync-BB drifts within a few minutes. My boomerangs stay in sync perfectly. Anyone having success with syncing with non-looper devices?